Center for Surgical Trials and Outcomes Research (CSTOR)


CSTOR is a Department of Surgery research endeavor to advance the collaborative study of processes of surgical care and surgical outcomes through a multidisciplinary approach. The Center has two primary missions:

  1. To create and incorporate policies and standards in order to guide and assist JHU surgery faculty, staff and trainees with regards to conduct of clinical trials and its fiscal activities.
  2. To provide mechanism for JHU surgery faculty, staff and trainees to perform state-of-the-art surgcial outcomes and comparative effectiveness research.



  • Engage in quality research to advance studies of surgery outcomes.
  • Provide biostatistical and grant support services to assist surgeons build the capacity for research.
  • Help topic-centered outcomes research groups with a focus on issues such as quality of life, vascular outcomes, equity in organ transplant allocation, vulnerability in elderly patients, cancer care, occupational health, safety, and interventions aimed at reducing risk among surgical patients. 
  • Have a database library to empower surgeons to utilize large datasets. 
  • Provide expertise in database analysis to answer questions not amenable to local in-house case series.
  • Provide a biostatistical consultation service, which supports the computational needs of researchers within the department.
  • Provide a grants program office which coordinates applications to outcomes-based sources of funding.
  • Have a protocol library of clinical trials conducted by principal investigators within the department of surgery.

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